Saturday, March 23, 2019

March - 2019

Welcome back.

Spring has come, the waters will soon rise!

Here's gordie tattooing at the February convention here in Winnipeg.  I had a good time, it was fun getting to do a bunch of tattoos that i had been wanting to do in such a short time!  Usually at the shop, i'm doing a lot of what other people ask for, so getting to work straight off of proposed designs was a real treat.

I mostly did larger machined tattoos, but did get to do a few smaller handmade designs in between.  Spring, and sunrise, the hits of my stick and poke repretoire!

My good client Jessie came and picked this one I had been hoping to do.

This theme of thistle and snake was a hit, I look forward to doing more like these.  

Inspired by the voynich manuscript.

 I was sure glad to catch a healed photo of this one!

 Again, it's such a pleasure to be getting to do more work like this, freehand web and roses.

 Maybe I blogged these already, but here are a few photos of the old conservatory the day before it shut down.

Where's Wierdo?

the nikkor 50/1.4 shining!

*Photo nerd warning

I stopped using a light meter a few years ago, after greycarding everything for a few years.  When I got these photos of the conservatory back, i was really proud that the exposures were so good even in an unfamiliar setting.  I highly recommend greycarding to train your eye on light.

Shooting on the Nikon FM3a really is nice too, because it has the 1/3 stops on the compensation ring, it lets you get a pretty sublte exposure for such a simple camera.

The long nights of winter are behind us! Looking very forward to the summer.
Thanks for looking.