Monday, June 05, 2006

i dont look back much as a rule

-the shins

thursday june 1st 2006

wussup suckas i'm not cutting the back of your business anymore untill you learn to get the garbage INTO the dumpster and not all over the lawn...

shredding with the lambros


jeremy was there! it was his first time and he shredded it like a vet. low through the pocket gets you to the hip with some speed

we went to the waterfront and i took a hella spill.

friday june 2nd 2006

is dill in town???

dropped the zine off at the printers and caught a burger at school.

the thai bean burger at degrees on campus is one of my favourite veggie burgers in town.

the graf at art school is rarely of any quality, but this little gem was kickin around in the fitzgerald.

this guy...

...sold this guy...

this stylish whip!

colin organised another grant park vs. kelvin high school contest. the greatest skateboarding rivalry since the edge skatepark vs. the charleswood neighborhood.

nick dragonson 180nosegrind

josh burston won this one with a flip noseslide second try straight out the gate and then took a little while to land a flip 5050. funny how that works.

shade was a hot commodity... sleeves optional

more dragonson, shuvit

cain inward heelflip'd it and made kids react like this:

james proposed we have a memorial to harold hunter "flying salami contest". it was on!

the gap was getting pretty excessive so i gave bang bang a bicycle tow in for the victory, scope james blog for a possible angle of the victory jump.
fashion-wise, this teen now "gets it"

cool shit was happening everywhere, then there was a lizard

i hung out with it for a while

this just in

james has been buggin me to go to the races with him, so we did

i should mention that i in no way condone domestication and commodification of any living thing. betting on horses is not awesome. seeing horses bridled is completely repulsive to me.

there is no absolutely honour in this spectacle

saturday june 3rd

ty blogged the insane air freshener collection in james' car

check out b's neopolitain tan

chocolate, strawberry and vanilla kid!

wallet check
two dads

jeffwords (yeah, both of 'em)


went back to this awesome place

went to my mom's place to clean up

i got to selkirk looking like this...

and left looking like this...

the pear's been partying

lando has a pretty epic shirt!

three days in a row!!!

top secret hap's

all created by ladies

we went and saw this movie. i really liked it, but could defenitely see how most people would think it was rubbish. its very slow, and drags on at times. but generally i liked it, and thought the filmmaking was really interesting.



sunday june 3rd