Monday, January 15, 2007

sad kids

my life is a big lump of turd, and my phone is later'd so call me on the land line (204)482-7473 if you wanna talk. i guess you can still send me texties on my phone (204)801-0438 if you want.

employment insurance (or my lack thereof)
my phone
my phone bill
being fat
my outstanding rent/bill paments
my creative inepsy
the cold
my debts to people i love
my debts to institutions
my lack of music
my busted computer
breaking every piece of electronics ive ever owned

i used to have a pretty cool moustache

this is an image i took of a bullfight in quito, ecuador.
click it for the bigger version
"tortura, no es arte ni cultura"

this is a drawing

if someone wants to give me an art show, i wouldnt mind having something to look foreward to in my life. ive got a buttload of images im sittin on.