Saturday, May 05, 2007

a stare like yours is hard to find. it's ultraviolet.

the coldest hour

icy hot stunta

rich doin his thing

meg cut my hairs off. she's been keeping the mansion boys looking sharp for a while now.

here's a little (big) guest blog by none other than meg herself.. it starts here.

the marlin

i dont normally put photos of myself in here but...


gettin this one back up and runnin.

how edward gorey is this?

and thats the end of the megan kroeker guest blog.

after quite a bit of trial and error, she's almost where i want her.

out shredding jimbo made me barf out my nose from laughing too hard.

sarah morriss, this one's all for you.

tofu and gravy can't be beat.

summer enough for ya?

well, tyspace is home, the plot thickens.

like i said, he's home.

there you have it folks.

meanwhile at Mass

derry's gone far far away.

over the fence lovin'

prince and jimbo's dad

james is buildin a new bike.


wreck 5

taco sandwiches

Tell me what you want to be...GOOD!
Tell me what you want to stay...CLEAN!
Tell me what you want to have...FUN!


freeze, welcome home buddy


this isn't a photo of the strangler, though he is in it.

last day of work.

richard and his loader.

he moved in next door and still uses our shower/toothpaste.

two-dads underwear report

this spot's new to me and its way gnarlier than i thought it would be.

back to school fashions 1996

talk about your practical jokers

so somewhere along the line this happened.

gurngler looks like a wizard in this thing.

the duke.

blog or die

slightly faded