Saturday, September 26, 2009

my family got a blogger!

so who knows, maybe i'm blogging again.

i'm working on a new zine right now, a brand new zine (as in not-wreck). and i'm gonna release it on halloween, so keep your eyes peeled. i'm sure i'll have some hype-up photos on here soon.

ave is a treat, and now that i'm a parent, you're just gonna have to put up with wreck blog being full of photos of my kid.

from here on this blog is only interesting to skaters.

how about that chris phanner cover/interview in skateboarder last month? did anyone see that photo in the interview of him doing the front three and the backside flip. the backside flip photo in that interview is perfect.

also, has anyone seen the ad int he new thrasher of a guy doing a flip back tail flip out on the inside of a planter? the sequence is in an ad and it's unbelieveable.

viva la shred