Tuesday, December 08, 2009

it's done...

i finished working on the show. after working on a show for a while i get super sick of all of it. so this is the last you're gonna hear about any of this stuff for a while.


i'm stoked i got to show these shoes.

this one has a nice big crow feather.

platonic solids


shalynn is a fierce cook,

with a ferocious foot

more art

at the last minute i decided to make a book...

and clean up all my old junk

the show

close ups of the shirts

the shelves were the main part of the show.

i'm stoked mitch lavoie is the proud owner of this fine pentagram illustration.


i got to paint this mural. it's still up at the shop so you could stop by there and check it out if you want.

the show was hype. thank you so much to everyone who came out.

this is a good photo

the thing i was the most nervous about was reading my story, but i did it.

jake kuzyk blogged it for me.

cuteness enders

stay tuned...