Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I don't wan't to live in no jailhouse.


* I finished my show at the Black Sheep! The work will be up until late-August (breakfast and lunch hours) at 540 Ellice avenue. Please stop by for some healthy grubbin' and scope my art, tell your wealthy friends.

The work includes:

- 15(ish) new illustrations, pen and ink on paper, small to medium sized stuff
- 2 bigger pieces, ink on paper and graphite on paper
- Show catalogs, xerox edition of 25, sewn at the spine.

The catalogs are ten dollars a piece, and the work varies in price from fifty to three hundred dollars.

Got back a couple rolls from the wedding, and around the shop.

Shalynn in the evening.

Saturday morning coffee with Mom and Steve... it's the best.

Bill Acheson, helping set up the altar that Shal and I were married upon a couple weeks ago!

The bonfire at the wedding was one of the amazing parts.


*Then, back to the shop!


563 Portage ave.

775 - 6582

Monday: Drop-in consultations and touch-ups by Bram and Iko; piercings by Lunchbox.

Tuesday - Saturday: Tattoos by Bram and Iko; piercings by Lunchbox.

This is Corner Tattoo, where I spend my days.

Lunchbox, she LOVES to pierce people. She is nice, and would enjoy piercing you.

Iko paintin'.

*Me drawin'.

*Photo by Iko.

Shalynn made this pretty little pizza.

Brothers at The Rocker.