Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sometimes these hands get so clumsy

That I drop things and people laugh
Sometimes these hands seem so graceful
I can see them signing autographs

From "Either or Both" written by Phoebe Snow

I'm listening to Sizzla, Ghettoyouth-ology right now. Stressing at the shop, wondering if i'm gonna make it or get my cover blown 'cause i'm fakin it.

Here are some photos from lately, the first few are of my work at the Black Sheep Diner at 540 Ellice Ave. I think it's only up for a little while longer. please go eat some wholesome grub with your eyes and your minds.

My fully commodified art life.



I was stoked to make programs of almost all the work to have for sale and browsing. They're ten bucks, get 'em while they're hot!

Worst Photo in this Blog Award

Then back to the shop.

I get asked all the time "So, what's up with your apprenticeship? When you gonna get to tattoo someone?". I never quite know what to answer to that. Bram Adey - Tattooing the willing.

I was REALLY stoked to do this one. The lettering was embellishied by a homie when he tattooed this same image on me, thanks Christian.


I love thse two photos of me tattooing a friend of mine.


Aaah yeah! Maybe one more roll?

Iko, metal.

"The People, My People"
-buju banton

Lunchy, she's even shinin' in the dark.

My real life,

my real Wife.

This old friend of mine from high school is:

a) Trying to kill me
b) Trying to teach me a lot about tattooing.
c) Both a and b.
d) Absolutely ripped.

Thanks homie.

Okay, now the good stuff. Avery had the anniversary of the completion of a full rotation around the Sun while being directly able to face it's burning light. I strategically struck some emulsion with it. Experts did the rest.

All i want to say about the pgotos is that I love them all a lot, especially the one of Mark and Cara (Skateboarding.).

Well, thanks for synaptically snapshootting my blog, Bram(Emo.).