Monday, October 18, 2010

Ink, ohhhhh wrecked!

Stoked to publish a blog, it's been a little while, but keep checkin' in, cause I have a bunch of rolls ready to be published, they'll be up here soon.

Tyler Geurts.

Tyler shot this photo of me gettin this pole jam downtown.

Then Tyler took us to this cool strip mall in some neighborhood. It was really fun to skate.

Tyler, gap to grind.

Jake's blog is most excelent. Ill life style.

Evan, suffering.

I've been working really hard at the shop lately, taking key opportunities to shred, so I'm really proud to have these skating photos on the blog. Tattooing is going great, please come down to check out my portfolio. I also got all my drawings from the Black Sheep Diner back and have it up at the shop, please come down and check that out as well.

Corner Tattoo
563 Portage avenue.
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3B 2G2

204 775 6582

Thanks, Bram.