Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The song was an old rebel one.


Mr. Messi

All day!

Iko and I skated to comicon.

Iko tattooing.


My bulletin board at Corner Tats.

Text blog moment:

I'm excited to say that After a great year at Corner Tattoo, I've been given an opportunity to fill a spot at Rebel Waltz Tattoo. It's surprising to me to be leaving Corner Tattoo so soon, but opportunity knocks, and I'm obliged to answer. The shop is owned by Don Ritson, who has been putting some nice tattoos on people. He also has another artist named Sypras working, in a smooth, realistic comic style. I will be fully moved over by the new year, and for now looks like Thursday, Friday and Saturday I'll be at Rebel Waltz, likewise next week.

873 Notre Dame Ave

204 832 6733


Thanks for checkin out my blog,


Avery, cuteness enders.