Saturday, December 24, 2011

"They're totin you around like Weekend at Bernies"

- Radon - Rehab Barbie

Here is almost a full roll for you all. This roll is from Haloween time, two thousand and eleven.

A chain for Kinnerit.

Some hearts for Andrea. My camera has been double exposing stuff alot. Unpredictable, and beautiful.

I went and skated this spot with Tyler and Cole, Bump over Stump. Rosie was there too!

Cole Middleton - Kickflip

On Haloween, I went to Luke Marvin's house party. Here are some photos of that.

Olivia, Cain and Jared. Jared wins costume props for his Bernie costume, as seen in the foreground of this photo.


Jimbo and Muke.

Lauren and Matt.

Have you seen this video that Matt made of me? Check it out!

Mitch, Bill and Sam.

Some folks who asked to have their photo taken.




Nic and crew.

I bought a car recently, but am proud to say I still manage to ride one of these most every day. This is Shally's bike, fun to ride.

Thanks for checkin out my blog!