Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer - 2013

Well, as always it's been a while since I posted.  Here are some new photos of what I've been up to.

Holdin' onto these quite a bit.

An older one - healed.

Some asparagus.   Stuff like this is my bread and butter.

Some beehives, These were real fun ones.

Do you ever think about... like... Hexagons?

Another real fun one.  Hand poked circle.

A nice big outline.  One of a couple larger tattoos I've started lately.

I got to polish up this one, one of my favorite tattoos ever. 

It felt cool to do this one, a big ole heart and a pair of lungs. 

Sometimes I feel like I'm getting away with a lot these days.  Line-blasted tree.  When I was really young, I had a wonderful artist friend take me to a windrow of willows and ask me to draw them.  That was the day I learned about "shorthand" drawing. 

I was happy with how this olive branch turned out.

Cover-up patch.

Just for fun patch.  With another cover up to the right.

A three quarter sleeve I've been working on.  I'm happy to have something large to show people.

Roses are good.

Some details of the four circles piece. 

And beautifull Avery!

Thanks for looking, Bram