Friday, February 21, 2014

Hello everyone.  Here's a rare, text-only post for you. 

I'm experiencing a bit of a health issue right now, so I'd like to say thanks to my clients who are having to have patience with me right now.  This one's been a bit of a doozie.  I'm sure I'll pull through it soon,  and in the meanwhile, maybe I'll manage to get something cool done.

Here are a couple songs for you.

This is a very fun song to sing for children.

This Murder ballad is worth singing and listening to as well.


Other than tattooing and shooting photos, I've been satisfying my soul by learning and singing folk songs.  It has been a truly wonderful experience to Connect with history in a rich, honest way.  I'm not so turned off by the murder ballads as I would've expected. 

Anyhow, thanks for reading.