Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Talkin 'bout Dark Moves!

Welcome back to The Wreck!  Check out this cool development:  the Amazing Don Ritson the Third has set me up with a darkroom.  So here are some new prints to check out.  If you see your tattoo amongst these prints, I have a print for you if you'd like.  Five by seven prints cost you five dollars, hand printed, numbered and signed.  They can be picked up at the shop: Monday to Saturday 12-7.  I would print prints for you of any tattoo I've done, providing I have a usable negative.  If you're looking for darkroom space, Rebel Waltz Tattoo now has a fully functional darkroom, Monday until Saturday 12-7.  Inquire in person, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday or Saturday  810 Notre Dame, Winnipeg.  Only experienced printers need apply.

This is an early one that I did on my good pal Tyler.  He was a huge support when I was first getting into tattooing.
This one worked out good.
I'm happy with this one.
More to come on this one.
A falcon for Mackenzie.  The hooded falcon has been presented to me once as an example of unrequited love.  It's all I think of that image now.
Fun with printing!

Also, it's wednesday, come down and get a tattoo from me today!