Friday, April 04, 2014


I'm selling a few copies of some older zines and the Wreck six DVD at the shop right now.  Come 'n get 'em!  If you like.

Skateboarding video featuring Devon Welter, Bill Acheson, James Friesen, Justin Basset, Marky B, Evan B, Jake Kuzyk, Kyle, Drex, Jimbo, Tyler, Pat, Brady, Evan Sinclair, and Bram Adey. 

Includes a zine featuring artwork by Bram, Evan, Tyler Geurts, and Devon Welter.

Writing and photography by me, late 2009.
Mostly skateboarding photos, and the writing is skate related, but appreciable by most anti authoritarians and sympathizers.

I made this one in 2006, it's a travel zine about a trip to San Francisco.  There are only seven of these left.

This one must be '06 too, and is just random bits.  This one is pretty angsty- atrsy, theres only a few skate photos, but one of Jake Kuzyk doing a front-shuv down Woodsworth.  I only have ten of these left.

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