Saturday, March 25, 2006


"some boys take a beautifull girl and they hide her away from the rest of the world,
i wanna be the one to walk in the sun"

-cyndi lauper

matt wiebe, rad city

the bus depot is a pretty radical place to be. i checked out the roof of the parkade the other day.

leap of faith??

i like to get there early so i can knock off a few games of raiden two

in transit

this bro was getting the shit served and protected outta himself

peoples fridges are interesting, i'm assuming i'm not the only one who feels this way

my mom is radical

look how insane her room is!!! it rules. i took a nap in her bed and it was like sleeping on a whimsical cloud, the sheets were so comfortable it was borderline illegal. respek.

lil' bro wasn't feelin gettin up, so i let him play in bed for a while

and my mom had the thinest fucking toast i've ever seen, it was like a 1996 issue of concrete powder

whats dirtier??? the shelf you never clean, or thin air??? y'know what i'm sayin'???


this bro was gettin' up


selkirk has a hype waste reduction program aimed at pushing people to recycle more. you have to pay for any bags over the two bag limit. it decreased waste production substantially. safe.

i did some sewing cause my mom has a hype machine

the only flags i fly are black


bike ride on my mom's whip

the reet second hand store

i got a zipper to make a pencil bag for my backpack

down to the skate shop

where chris ordered me a box of boards, thanks dawg.

he's a photographer too

he had this sick freshjive book

with an ill zapatista photo essay

and a thing on early punk rock

then he showed me these insane freshjive cards he has, aparently they're worth a fuck-ton of dough in japan. they're pretty much just sketchy amateur porn found by a subway employee who then went on to work for freshjive.

enough white new era hats???

why do people always rob places like Mac's with the raddest weapons, its always a shoe or a brick tied to a shoelace, or a broom handle... that shit's awesome

and reed winzosky was there, he was one of the first dudes i ever saw shred in real life. he's in the hearsemen who are playing a show at the zoo on saturday april eighth.

steve won these ripping foam planes at school. it's his first day of spring break so he's psyched as hell!

my beautifull mother!!!

some good lookin beans