Thursday, March 23, 2006

pledge no allegiance, fly no flags

i woke up with this running throught my head

i gave an old friend some TLC the night before last. i've had this pen for a while now and its always been good to me.

Bruce McCulloch is a comedic genious. especially in kids in the hall. "an open letter to the guy that stole the front tire of my bike" was one of the greatest pieces of television ever made.

Bruce McCulloch, bikini inspector, beaver patrol.

then coincidentally enough, inspector two.

since i dont have kids or any responsibilities beyond my own survival, i'm loving the precarious employment standards i currently live under. being primarily unemployed kicks ass 'cause it gives you time to be bro with yourself and spend some time treating yourself well. p.s. hey kids, GO VEGAN. it's an absolute riot.

the cat was being berzerker, so i let her outside

and she was gettin' bro with this cat

I went for a walk downtown to get some stuff from the art store, and art store katie was there.

then to the bay. the bay is straddling this thin line between upscale fashion and absolute sketchyness. the clothes are pretty expensive (by my standards anyways...) but then they have that insane downstairs vortex of shadyness.

and they also have great signage

round two???? no thanks.

i decided to take a bus home since i ate it pretty hard several times tryin to skate in downtown traffic far too early in the year, and i saw these girls rolling a J in the bus shack. it was about one o'clock in the afternoon at one of the bussiest bus stops in town.

russel was on the bus chatting up babes

down at sk8 i heard rumor that in lieu of renovations, the lazo/johnston mural might get buffed. might just be a rumor, i havent actually heard it from any higher ups yet. my vote is to work around the mural. you dont buy a piece of art for a room, you plan a room around a piece of art.

luke was being epic playing monkey ball and eating 'za in his buff gear

this might be mega-illegal, but i made taco sushi with veggie ground round. it was deliscious

jason evaristo and i are bros since back in the day. we went and say nightwatch at the globe.

it's basically non-stop berzerker visual effects for two hours and it kicks ass.. the storyline is totally off the wall, maybe it makes more sense if you speak russian, but either way i enjoyed the hell out of it.

the new mts office building project... progress is a scarry thing.

when i got home i finished setting up my darkroom. i wanted to start printing the new 'zine today, but there might be some kind of city inspector coming over today, and i don't wanna be doing sketchy shit in the basement when he comes "no, don't come down here!!!! i promise i'm not hiding the meth lab!!"

this morning i went for a bike ride to james' place to pick up my new fish

he was reading the tropic of cancer

window sill-wise, james is killing it

breakfast with james

prince holding it down

before he became "wade desarmo"...

i'm inexplaineably psyched on my new glass. if you wanna shoot skate photos this year, i promise mine wont be fuzzy as fuck anymore.

exam time...


cory tested the waters well over a year ago, now somebody's gotta step!

these scooby doo undies have been here for at least six months


if you like hard tacos more than soft, message me and we can be even more bro than ever. if you don't, heres why: you eat them too quickly after making them. fill the bottom of the taco with beans or something gooey like veggie ground round, leave em for a minute and the gooey delisciousness will soften up the bottom of the taco and when you bite in, it'll have some give. you'll really enjoy it, i promise.