Wednesday, August 09, 2006

decorated in deliberacy

saturday august 5th 2006

on my way out the door ty asked me where i kept the spray paint, it didnt occur to me to ask what for. we're bro enough that he can spray paint on my artwork.

sunday august 6th 2006

gurngler's gettin back on board slowly. he got himself a blog too! click this photo of him to scope it.

james vandal, backside ollie

we watched a bmx'r demo his face

around day three of non-stop gurngler, we start hazing...

meg looking lovely

busy clipping

monday august 7th 2006

wreck posse knows front blunts

james and i went on a bike mission to go swimming but both our spots were heated out. good bike shred anyways.

tuesday august 8th 2006

i think i saw this thing in juxtapose last month

down at ruskin park, someone had recently smashed the state

wednesday august 9th 2006

this just in: nick loves cat