Saturday, August 05, 2006

crucify the insincere

if anyone has a tap and die set they feel comfortable lending out, i'd like to borrow it.

monday july 31st 2006

tuesday august 1st 2006

nice matchstick picket fence

while i was shooting that fence, i got a flat


wednesday august 2nd 2006

"do 'em more finsessfull"
i dont think i've mentioned on here how much i love the new krooked video. its quickly becoming one of my favourite videos ever. its nice to see a company come aruond and show how much more skateboarding can be than that old cliche'd version of progress.

marky B's whip:

"they failed at robbery"

did i mention that it was jimbo's birthday and we went to red lobster????

these hella ramdon skate rats were "just out for some lobster."

two dads wouldn't shut up about how ill a runner he was. so since the gurngler was incapacitated, i stepped up to bat and challenged him to a foot race. 1600m was decided, and we were off to the track.
the legend himself: dos padres

marky b blogged the event

what is it about foot races that makes men just wanna rip their pants off and expose themselves??? i always get like that too...

mom, sorry, dont let steve look at this blog. we're retards...

the victor by a full furlong!

back home we stacked up bodies...

thursday august 3rd 2006

"even if i were blind i could feel that this was horribly damaged."

los wievieros last day of freedom

dos padres can and will backtail pretty much anything

dragonson had people over, thanks wollard for the vegan friendly skewers.

morrissey broke his veg and bought into the whole metal throwback thing...

the dragon himself

bill and danika!

dragonson had a ton of ill art kickin around his joint.

ken's dome-pills


friday august 4th

the strangler

friday mornin breakfast with scott mclaren

it was matt wiebe's big day. him and lauren tied the knot! matt, you kick ass. good luck husbanding holmes, enjoy hawaii. treat him good lauren.

tyspace got himself a blogger. i can only imagine the kinds of shit he's gonna expose us to.

two days in a row!

matt and herb

maybe you're all gettin bored with my blurry photos, i had flash'd up ones but i like this one more...

strictly aesthetic dinner choices

tyspace's bogus lanyard



the building the wedding was in was amazing. anthony showed us around upstairs.

the always photogenic marky B

and the equally photogenic dirty gurngler

beautifully hand painted safe door

i was really excited to be dressed up

meanwhile at the woodbine

"bram it's that rat you've got tattoo'd on your arm..." thanks jimbo, i appreciate that...

i busted out and lurked in the village...

alley livin'

at the deuce...

sunday august 5th 2006

james woke my ass up early and we sesh'd the bowl with A.T. and the neuf. it started rainin a bit but i rolled in anyways and got duely served, bogus.


props to whoever stenciled up the bowl

the deluge came in

bro'kfast with the neuf and james.

neuf blog moment:

i like to have a pretty aesthetically pleasing and cohesively flowing blog. and sometimes i have photos that i dont think fit in to the visual or thematic context of the rest of the blog so i'm gonna start a random curtains section, here ya go, installment #1:

luke marvin, killin it!

top ten reasons to drink at the woodbine: #3


i rule at fashion

ladies and gentleman, two-dads