Monday, July 31, 2006

you answer every question with a riddle,

and refuse to even chose to let me go

-sebadoh, ocean

ive been listening to sebadoh lots lately, they're killing it heavy duty.

thursday july 27th 2006

coming soon:

friday july 28th 2006

they were building a fort at sk8skates

went to critical mass, nils was there

this family was napping in the middle of everything

jon schledewitz

his running free setup makes even me wanna drink my ass off.

fashionwise, mass is a gong show. every once in a while someone hits the nail right on the head though.

meach cooked!

i wont bore you with too many zoo photos, but pheasants kick ass

this is my favourite bro at the zoo

it'll turn yellow, then red, then black, then you'll be sorry.

meach's fridge report:
five kinds of milk

and she found her keys

saturday july 29th

steve's pocket report:
slingshot parts, rubber band, 9v battery protectors, safety pin, paper clip, ballpoint pen thingy.

so i'm pretty much an uncle by now!

my mom shredding!

i think there were more of my family out than at christmas! these are most of my siblings:

look at this ham

stopped by the park and wes was shredding on this rad reissue, thanks for lettin me shred it with you wes.

back to the park, check out all of vandals cool stuff

in case ya didnt know: pepper on cantaloupe is killer

we crammed a bunch of bodies in a car

i really like the looks of work hats, i think i'm gonna start blogging them. this one might not actually be a work hat, but maybe it is...

alex's wallet check

more vandal

sunday july 30th 2006

james is home! we ship off in 6 weeks.


tech bulge

sarah morriss

tyborg made some art

this is a photo of something insane