Tuesday, July 18, 2006

gently ride my skull

wednesday july 12th

live and become

i had to sleep in the basement...

thursday july 13th

the neuf!

this is the most deliscious meal you could ever eat.

james vandal, shredding
lien disaster

the squall finally came in so i hid out in the cradle

friday july 14th

breakfast with jeanette

heres a mini art school jeanette cribs:
she's got a school map jut like mine

and hype sewing gear

meanwhile at work...

ill graffiti... the first photo sucks because aparently i forgot how to use a camera altogether...

the strangler

i got busted hangin out at the shop too much, so this is my new office... right next to hobo hotel...

its got a nice south facing shade...

underwear report:
colin lambert


me, jolene made me these insane undies, she fully made 'em from scratch. thanks so much jo, i love em and they fit nice. its a dude blasting over a car.

off to kenora!!!

the canadian shield is awesome as hell...

this dudes moustache report:

the side of this ladies boob report:

we went to k-town for the opening of the new skatepark, the bowl there was so fun... tight trannies and there was always a wall in front of you. spectrum did an amazing job. how picturesque is this place???

this weekend was the funnest, two dads, jimbo tyty, pdog, rypod, drex and i was the possee

tyty ate one of the most unappealing meals ive ever seen...

saturday july 15th

slivers of ice so they fit into pop bottles.

park opening fanfare

"drex wants you all to know there is no severed head in this bag" dont worry drex, i laughed.

if you looked closely at the ground there was already blood all over the place

mitch's new setup!

all the demo photos and lots of the blorgfest photos from here on out were shot by tyspace, thanks holmes!!!

jim barnum designed the park, good job holmes. he got royally fucked bombing a hill the other day.

the neuf!!!

tim armstrong, one footer

stevens holdin strong

kris foley was shredding like a fucking madman, frontside melon. he anhillated the bowl.

vandal, tailbone

drexler, melon??? nope, kickflip melon!!!

excessive ollie

dos padres, flash n' roll

goddammit, is there some sort of secret society that watches for new parks to get built and they send out one of their winged monkey soldiers to put in twelve hour days for all of eternity doing one footed fucking manuals??? sterilize this man.

the demo was insanely hot, so p-dog took me swimmin with drexler, rypod and some dude i dont know

back to the tyspace blog, jimbo chatted up these lovely ladies

he also chatted up these lovely lads

pop can grip job.

time killer grip job

chronic breaker grip job

chronic toker grip job

this is what i eat on road trips if i'm trying to not make myself feel like a loaf of turd.

later ladies

later lads

my new hat

some ladies that made the park happen

drexler drum shredding

two dads, appreciator of live music



more swim shred!

"stand by me" broment

"its not everyday you see that many life jackets!"

aparently i have shaq's hands...

okay, this is the hypest moment of the weekend, drex and p-dog took me rock climbign!.
it was the funnest/most challenging thing ive done in a really long time. thank you both so much, i had a riot.

just after this shot was a mega hard part of the climb where i thought i was gonna fall, but my lack of trust in the rope held me to the wall and i ended up gettin it.

the shortcut out was pretty hectic sans-rope for a newbie like me

i know this is pretty bloggerload about now, but i promise its almost over...
drex cribs!!!

our collective...

well, that was fun! back to the tyty guest blog though, it was a blorgfest, well... mostly just a bunch of people drinking a little bit and two dads being insanely ham-boned and epic'ing all over the place.

we just played the 20 questions orb for a long ass time.

people think its funny to impersonate me doing this...

this girl is very cute.

it got poop.

sunday july 16th 2006

wallet report, drex
his is sweet 'cause its just half of a regular wallet modified.

drex gave us an insane solo-drum demo

more cool stuff kickin around the serduletz residence

drex gettin up on dem rails!

it was inanely hawt

so we drove around, bombed a few mellow hills...

this dude was walkin around muttering "...smash your fucking heads in..."

this hill was really fun to bomb...

...but fun isnt enough for danger nick, so he rode this for a while...

...then 180'd off...

spun around a little ways down and bombed the entire sidewalk, no powerslide, no foot, speed wobbles, bushes all over the fucking place...

it was the most frightening thing i've ever witnessed, look how cracked it is... mayhem. jimbo, you are a colosus among us mere men.

jimbo smoked me at pool with an ill bank shot

"how the fuck do dudes like that actually exist" -me, concerning dudes like this who walk around in their twenties in lincoln park shirts.
"did you ever think maybe his head is filled entirely with dinks?" -jimbo's in response do my query

in the golden hour...

that's it, thats the weekend, thanks two dads for driving, thanks drex and terry queen for havin us.

holy shit james...

you're gettin colorectal cancer for sure.