Friday, July 21, 2006


monday july 17th 2006

look who's in town!!!

i went to a house show

top two reasons nate is awesomer than most people at having tattoos

the show

neon blitz

i don't remember this bands name

jason's house

no foolin'

derry's in town!

tuesday july 18th 2006

wednesday july 19th

scope this lemonade stand in front of a cemetery

thursday july 20th 2006

it was super hot out, so i got a very spicy cola...

creme de la cream was over...

...with a babe!

went shredding with derry

we had a bunch of food that belonged to old roommates taht no longer live here, so mitch made us a wheel of fortune and we won sweet prizez

if anyone wants to barter for some steak and potato soup, i know a guy who gots some.

we made some ill grubbage