Wednesday, July 26, 2006

leave me alone i was only singing

friday july 21st 2006

roggler got his sleeve finito'd

went to dice n' kent's crib

dice had tons of cool stuff kickin around


...kent's records

we went on a bike mission to the drive in, derry, ryan, dice and i that is..

saturday july 22nd 2006

shit was so bro, even the cats were lounging

creamo showed up with some fresh cartridges. bro! lets hit up the pipes!

derry left today, so we made tacos.

then i biked to the beach

note: shoe pillow

i met up with the familia, steve keepin' it real

my bro jason

my br... sis heather

we met there for a memorial service, it went down while the sun was setting, it was gnarly.

steve's light up kicks

steve, in his light up kicks, walking my bike while a car drives by.

i biked home in the dark which i thought would be scarry, but was actually quite relaxing.

sunday july 23rd

this thang is much like the other three stair grinder insofar as it is very fun to do the same ol' tricks on and virtually impossible to do something new on.

cremo filming for american indian 2: lost in new york

brandon kids were out demo'ing spots left right and centre. mark bought an orange julius, slushee and bottled water in one food court trip.

dissapointed... surprised??

i sould admit that going to the foodcourt was my idea. i love taco time burritos, i can't help it.

theres something so fucking juvenile about food court photos that i really wish these were ironic, but i just really love burritos

this is a motorcycle


went and saw clerks 2 with this homeboy, laughed my bag off. i highly recommend.

when i got home i found out that instead of skating, these bros stayed home and watched miss universe. when they anounced the winner, they all made this face.

this is gooch's "punkest shirt"

monday july 24th

someone poo'd in our garage. that sucks.

aesthetically killing it.

sudoku champ scott mclaren

found a little visual inspiration at my usual hangout.

tuesday july 25th 2006

hella-gift from meg. you're the best.

meg brought by New Blue. she steers pretty funny, but is otherwise a pretty killer whip.

it finally rained a little bit more.


i've always wanted to add drawings to this blog. but i suck at the interweb, and couldn't quite figure out how to make my drawings look acceptable on here. but i think i finally figured it out. i wanted to do a drawing of woman's eyes, so i used tyty's photo of alex from last weeks k-town blog. i really like the way it turned out. thanks to both of ya.

just an image i've had kickin around in my dome for a while.

this one's called "we dont need wings to fly" (excerpted from a sage francis song) and i drew it for drex.