Tuesday, October 24, 2006

the shubba

got stuck in iquitos, peru for another day, i defenitely didn´t mind.

sundays in peru are fully going off

skitched around for a good hour this night, people were everywhere, and loving it.

at the plaza de armas there was a big mob of people so i thought i was gonna get to see a coq fight or a breakdancer or something sweet.

nope, just urban planning. "do these guys know how to party or what???"

back to the hostal, which was a pretty bogus hostal by the way...

the next morning i skated from about 8am till noon, grinded this ledge. not to toot my own horn too much, but rail, plus post, plus unwaxed ledge equals, WRECK SPOT!

ever since quito i had it in my head to ollie a street gap, but we couldnt find one there, so ive been keepin my eyes open, and this morning i got to ollie two of em before noon!

busted out to lima by airplane

the catacombs weren´t as hype as they looked in the book. "who cares about some moldy old bones? bones schmones!" but i guess there were pretty much a trillion skulls down there and thats pretty sweet even though we couldn´t shoot photos or hang out with them for too long. plus there was a sweet tank outside the monastery holdin it down.

the architecture in lima is completely insane, basically its the most opulent place ive ever seen. well, the hood we were staying in anyways, every building was like a sweet ship strapped onto an insane castle with a church stitched to its back...

i payed like seven bucks for a plate of ramen. it was excelent.

you know what sells underwear to me??? pasty men´s upper-inner thighs.

so i decided to bust out and try to find a bike . for a solo mission up the coast, and after a quick look in the phonebook i found this ´hood where you could buy thirty five thousand really bad mountain bikes and absolutely no road bikes, so i went to the tourist office to get some help. it became horribly obvious that i was gonna need some kind of translator if i was gonna have any chance of getting a bike i was psyched on.

so i got to the tourist office and the lady workin was down to help me and found me a legit shop and even offered to take me down there the next day. when i told her the ´hood i went to looking for a bike she said people from lima dont even go there ´cauuse its so sketchy, somehow i made it out unscathed. "i think maybe it´s because you dont dress like a tourist, you know with the beige pants" rad.

yeah topy top

the plaza de armas is completely surrounded with insane buildings

i think the czar lives in this one

james has a gluten allergy, so he got a little ´tussin to rub on it.

we speak gringo spanish and aparently lima speaks actual spanish, so getting meals was a hell of a time. andy was goin for continental breakfast and got steak, onions, peppers and a piece of bread shaped like a butt.

this is the part of the buildings that look like ships

we managed to find this great breakfast spot.

with amazing soy milk!

and picturesque clientele

so i actually needed a new shoelace and happened to stumble upon this bro!

the freemasons were in effect

"it´s this hubba, we call it the shit hubba, the SHUBBA"

fuck yeah lima! lets put satan back in skatin´

so mayra found some cyclists to further help on my search for a fresh whip.

this is whats up with bikes in lima. total flea market situation. hella hectic. the search didnt go perfectly, if i had not been so intimidated i could´ve gotten a used bike with better components for cheaper, but given my nonexistant spanish skills i think i got a pretty decent whip. it´ll certainly get me up this coast anyways.

this is mayra who translated for me and basically made the whole thing possible. thanks so much!

james figures, to run this country you need one of two things, a giraffe or a kickass dirtbike.

so while walking around by myself i saw a little leica soft case in a stationary store window. i decided to check it out even though i wasnt down to spend a coule hundred dollars on a camera right now. so i go in and ask to see it, its a pretty much perfect leica IIIc with the serials scratched off (i didnt notice that ´till later) and they´re asking s/40 which is roughly twelve dollars american. so i obviously bought it. brady, youre shitting your pants right now. i didn´t actially want it, thats not quite what my art is about at this point, so i sold it to james for a cool hundred bucks american profit.

best glass in the biz

they buzzed the serials from the body but not the lens...

mayra showed me a couple more vegetarian joints in lima

badass tag

"blog this insane bianchi!" -james

meanwhile at the grau museum, the things that knew him

said goodbye to andy today. him and james are gonna go to bolivia and things of that sort.

m/f berzerker I

fries, fake beef, onions and rice... aparently its kind of a big deal down here...

strawberry juice out here is killling it.

one of these things is not like the other...

so we scoped a park in lima before leaving, even though it didnt look too great. i didnt blog it fully, ´cause i got caught up talking to a local kid. but i did manage to talk james into blogging me busting the danny way super juker out of the bowl. there was a rad little miniramp that had that had probably five and a half foot trannys with a couple kinks that was pretty fun for a second, and a great ledge. i hadnt done any grinders the whole trip, so it felt good to rifle off a few old fav´s - front k grinds and back tails will always be the raddest.

jamie got an owie

and decided to pack it in

jesus of navareth was there

have i mentioned how much peru is over toilet paper??

we broke south with no delay

and scoped some hella exotic wildlife... like pelicans

and penguins

and sea lions

when you tell the story about shit like this its like " yeah dude, we saw all this rad shit! and there were crabs everywhere and frigin´ penguins it was sick!!!!" but really at the time it´s more like "dude, its freezing, all these seals are doin the same shit... NOTHING. they´re just sitting around... why dont they start riping apart some penguins or humping, SOMETHING!"

after that place we went to the desert. i got a little sick , so i couldnt fully apreciate it. and i know i live in winnipeg, and its freezing cold half the year, and thats insane, but seriously, living in the desert is totally ridiculous.

jamie was particularily charmed with this town though.

jimbo, landscape architect.

ummm... this happened

fashion board, matching shirt, flame job, KILLING IT!


i went to buy doritos and a coke and jamie was getting totally baraged by this insane man

when i showed up he just asked for some doritos and when i gave them to his he stopped being insane and left. he didnt ask for money or anything, i think he just wanted to spit some game for a bit, eat some chips and be out.

these kids were chillin at the hostel learning english by talking to tourists. they started talkin to us and eventually the conversation came down to when we lost our virginity, and what kind of chicks we were into, this dude lost his virginity to a prostitute and isn´t that stoked on it... but he claimed he could climb this dune in under ten minutes so jamie bet him cab fare he couldn´t but he did, it was insane. the next dayy it took james and i a good twenty at least...

check out jamies swim gear, he´s kicking ass.

the one with the glasses lost it when he was 17 and the tall one is a virgin.

eight minutes

jamie found actual coffee

and crepes, so he´s psyched

sunday fully going off again

you know how much kids love walking and wearing uniforms...

so im still not used to this toilet paper thing, so i occasionally find myself in the situation where i have to wipe my butt with stuff like this damp old shirt...


whild sitting on the rim of course

cats that aren´t living where i live RULE especially when they´re hella tiny and do NOT wanna be picked up.

well, here´s a great place to end this installment of the wreck. rocky´s in Ika. right across the street from the other rocky´s in Ika. (they´re on some starbucks-of-the-fried-chicken-world type shit i guess...)

we only got to skate it for ten minutes, but it was obviously kick-axe

also, if you frequent this blog, you should drop me a message or an email right about now cause i´d love to hear about home. ciao for now homies.