Tuesday, October 03, 2006

"epicuador" -tyler geurts

frontside and oververt
posse for the boat ride
oil towns
sketchy markets

lago agrio
losing my hat
giving away my flip flops
buying bad hat and flip flop replacements
having to buy better ones if i wanna be at all comfortable

we met a couple dudes from california at the park, alex and john, they wwere defenitely shredding, we were gonna meet up with em the next day but it didnt go down, so i´ve got photos of em but no last names... ahh well...

andy came too and shot some super 8 footage, hype!

indian food with canada and chicago. best thing jamie´s said all trip "it´s just that i hate your life and i wouldn´t live it."

trujillo spot

i kinda blew it shooting this digital, but this kid wanted me to shoot his photo for money. i´ve always wanted to shoot these kids hands.

we went to the park, it wasn´t hap´nin though, i got peaced out pretty bad and have been sticking to the sheets ever since. we figured it was time to bust outta town.

the election´s on

back to the old town to shoot

i chilled at the plaza de la independencia for a while

this chick flew right behind me, landed on my back then jumped onto the bench beside me then off into the square, everyone jumped up and tried to catch it...

...this lady got it, stuffed it in her shirt and was out!

then it was life as usual.

this dude was rubbing pigeons on kids faces. then he made them fly in huge circles it was rad.

then i bombed some more hills in the old town

i´m gonna go ahead and say that i´m better at dinner than james

so we got out of quito, and not a minute too soon i´d say. time for some real adventures.


this is where it starts to REALLY look like a toursit blog

la trucha!

as soon as you head east, the pipeline is never out of siight.

for tristin!

hot springs anyone???

just friends

we had the best hostal, we just sat out front till they strolled by and asked if we wanted a room, they were down to hook me up with some vegan goodness for din´s two nights in a row. i´m sure they had no clue what the fuck i was trying to talk about.

trout farm

paradise found?

so this is papallacta

and were off again, to the jungle, just follow the line

beautiful red jungle soil

i wanted to stop by oil towns and shoot photos, tristin and i had been to lago agrio and it seemed ripe with photo ops, so we stopped there but it was hot as hell and stank to high hell, so i shot my photos and we got outta there asap.

have i mentioned how apeshit they are about volleyball here??? its insane!

at this point, an english speaking restaurant owner and some pizza were pretty appealing

another one for jimbo

this country´s got it all!

so our plan is to hopefully hop on one of these for a week or two with andy...

when scoping these photos, keep in mind that i´ve really been trtyining to not blow the ´zine by posting digital photos of stuff that i´m shooting on film. so if it seems like my photos suck, dont worry, im totally saving the good shit for the ´zine.

obviously were getting our laundry done here.

"AIDS world"

it´s everywhere