Tuesday, September 26, 2006

if you cant get the best of us now...

its cause this is forever

worst burritos ever, ever

sunday, so the city was shut down, it was really nice to have hardly any busses spewing smog at us, so we went schralping

shredded this spot

and these ones

and especially this one

top ten business names that are blowin it...

the pilsners are the size of a full grown man´s leg. the drink of moderation.

canadian tuxedos

dirtbike cops

andy, jeremy, anna and a girl whos name i forget, good company...

...good bloodsausage

then in the morning, we shot over to the old town to retrace our steps from prison, this time with cameras

this is penal garcia moreno, the prison. when we visited last week the road was blocked off to the south with a tank and burning tires to the west


stand alone

im not too into cathedrals ideologically, but these twisted columns are killing it.


plaza de la independancia is one of the best planed public spaces i´ve ever seen.

but it doesnt stay pristine without a few rotweilers and a few sabres...

we went to scope this, the highest cathedral in south america, it sounded pretty badass. again, i do not agree with the creation of cathedrals, but whatever we went anyways. you´ll see why

right about here is where jamie got grifted by a preist for five busck. respec

the priest kept sayin "lets go look at black christ"

mi corazon

the gargoyles were all local wildlife

high fives

we decided to scope this cathedral because you can climb right to the tops of these spires and chill, no railings, nothing at all, right at the top

you just climb through this hole and you´re out there

wreck, its everywhere

she´s a deep one

making it out unscathed is always a relief

there is a snakerun at least a hundred and fifty feet long of this...paradise.


we hung out on this thing for a while... it´s really gnarly

i retraced out retracing our steps from the prison in search of a fabric store

i got to shoot hella photos of this guy wit that ancient form of blogging: chemical photography. i was givin him some love so he called me over to shot some close ups. he was spitting fire right at my face it kicked ass.

at the market