Sunday, September 17, 2006


this blog goes out to anyone who's buyin the bullshit they hear on the streets, straight up n' down


muke larvin

james vroosmtein...

...takin out lights on tha regular

the vroomster's fresh setup


chris at twozerofour skateshop in selkirk asked me to do an illustration for the shop. he let me do whatever i wanted, so i came up with this. hoodies with this image will be available at the shop sooner than later.

andy blum came over for a quick setup before his epic bike adventure to mexico. the numbers represent the spanish civil war and the 1919 general strike right here in winnipeg.

trip mending and brews on the deck of the friendship

karaoke again, and the vroomsters steppin up to bat

brady bart, how could he not be there

shalynn shredding

matt magura and shal van

darrah and dirty gurngler, who's almost done his bender

tender moments posse, st. rangler in effec

some ladies shreddin', melissa (i think), ains, rebecca



gurngler on a steady diet of big slices and shirtless days,

best ever

nemesis... strike two.

deep freeze

cremo, he's makin wreck happen on the regular

dude, how much is it blowing it when you lean up on the counter in a public washroom and the entire counter, right to the edge, is a puddle...

more late nights...

...more shirtless tyty

of course he demo'd tyty

off to mikey b night...


my board got stolen so jeanette doubled me

the board got returned the next day, so i'm psyched.

last day of work, and check it out, my tractor was at 666 too

droped some coin at the photo store...

young coconut with billway

and shalynn

walked to chocolate train with this fool

"if youre not into skating for the right reasons i want you to die" -james vandal


kay-tee's in town

alright everyone, i'm gonna lay a big one on you all, wreck is the best shop in winnipeg, drop your allegiances and join the dark side.

wreck posse
worship satan, eat babies

well, that's it, thats the last blog from home. jamie and i ship off tuesday mornin for three months of south american adventuring. tomorow (monday the 18th) we'll be at cousins from 730 till late if you wanna drop some goodbyes or whatever, clink glasses and the like... i might even have gifts for you, who the fuck knows... drop me a line for more details...

if it's dry tomorow i'm gonna go shred the park in the afternoon too, maybe 1pm or so. again, drop me a line...

we bein out!