Saturday, September 23, 2006

farewell fair familiarity

last day in winnipeg... falafel place with katie and tyspace

i´ve been tattooing lots lately

i´m particularily flattered to have gotten to give jimbo his first

our last night in town was great, way too great in my opinion, these photos make me so homesick...

farewell fair familiarity

for anyone asking "why would you go BACK to ecuador, dont you wanna go somewhere different?"

in jamies words, after recieving a jehova´s witness´s pamphlet about going to heaven, "give me some tail and we´re pretty much there"

too much shred on the first day... i´m still payin for that one... altitude ain´t no joke either

right next to the pipe you can get this for a dollar, it´s spectacular.

parque de la carolina

she´s a big one, this is ´renzo steppin. i only blogged a little kickturn so you could see how big it is compared to a human body. renzo´s got juice, you´ll see when the ´zine comes out.

all the grafitti out here is either insanely racist, or political in nature.

"the bank has the power"
maybe? my spanish sucks...

daewon spot

this one´s for you jimbo!


my new bro renzo, he set me up with a cheap deck since i cracked mine pretty bad the first day.

he took me to Carcelin Alto Parque Ecologico. it wasnt as good as carolina, but worth checking out, scope how steep the banks were with tiny trannies, it was like eight feet deep at the end with at least 6 feet of 80 degree walls.

renzo and santiago

this kid was ridin´fixie... no joke.

the hands in this mural are amazing.

there are posse´s of juggling kids out here, and they absolutely shred. they had DIY pop bottle clubs.


one dollar shawarma or falafel is what´s up...

this is where we chill

at the parque with hella-indigenas watchin us shred.

habiscus grow along the scummy freeway here.

the market

tearing an entire street apart by hand

i poached this blog from james

we went to prison today, three stamps are all that say you go free at the end of the day.... even having already been there, it was no less scary. we almost got mobbed this time, but luckily we ended up hooking up with a couple rad bro´s who showed us a good time. they showed us the cell where the former president was detained and in 1912 killed, thrown of the balcony, and dragged around the streets of quito.

quito rock and roll!!!

travel kit checklist:
thrasher shirt
120 dollar penguin slacks
borrowed flip flops
face full of shawarma