Sunday, November 05, 2006

You know my hips don't lie

And I am starting to feel you boy
Come on lets go, real slow
Don't you see baby asi es perfecto

yeah shakira!

at the halfway point of the 30 k ride i get the fruit salad, at the halfway point of the 40 k ride i get the bro chillin in

the tire.

shooting this kind of stuff is precisely the kind of shit that gets you laughed at in this country

this was the first one of these i encountered.

seriously, one dollar

sick of this one yet?

found the illest mexican joint with the worst hours of all times. i went there six times and only got to eat twice.

but i guess i dont really have anything better to do thatn to ride to and fro the mexican place

there was some badass jenga hapnin´

breakfast shred


drawing was goin good so i extended breakfast right on into lunch

so round two going into trujillo to take care of business. first time sucked cause it turned out to be sunday, so i go back

on tuesday, good job bonehead its the day of the dead! trujillo still sucks, we actually drove down that dresden street from

the last blog in this fine vehicle.

i´ve kind of been loafing on not blogging people just randomly driving around on mini bikes like its no big deal for a while

now. and im glad i did cause todayt was hapening on one of them

this car got totally t'boned

by this bro

there were two perfect dome'prints in the windshield, bummer

this is awesome

peru sucks and everything but they sure know how to put on a parade!

they dressed up a tiny child and made her stand on this thing for a while

i didnt see the end, but i think that these dudes....

...probably end up stabbing these dudes to death. bummer.

more bike ride scenery

more bureet´s

another heavy drawing sesh

con palta

i actually finished reading a book today. check that out.

dude people talk about this book like its gonna make you suicide your face off afterwords, but i thought it was pretty funny

and a bit comforting, not that im some literary cricket or anything.

so heres where my trip started getting pretty bogus pretty quick. i caught this bus out of town to go to the border. the bus

totally sucked and broke down, so i had to wait by the side of the road and try to get another. and the bus dude still

charged me a dollar. hes "like yeah heres your money back, minus a dollar, cause we drove you twenty minutes out of the

city." yeah thanks a ton bro, now im standing on the side of the road freezing my bag off in the midle of fucking nowhere,

and if i cant get a bus im gonna hafta get a hostal for the night in this shit town thats never seen a white kid before.

this sucks. so i decide fuck it, im catchin a hostal anyways. cause, see, i forgot to mention i was hella bummed cause i

bought my bus ticket a day early. then had a few drinks before bed, including a bunch of gin, i think i got like a triple

cause out here tonic water is more prescious than gin or some such bullshit. so i got pretty blitzhammered, woke up at 4am

barfing my out my mouth and bum. i think that was unrelated to the drinking i think i actually was sick, cause i was sick for

like two days afterwards, i think maybe from the ice in the gin and tonic. so i didnt wanna get on the bus in the first

place, now i was spending a full extra day...

but the morning seemed optimistic. i didnt even notice the cyclist in thsis photo till just now. thats pretty awesome!

but then i had almost no money and i had to change over my american money james had given me, but theyre totally anal about

money thats been breathed on wrong in peru, so all but ten dollars of a hundred and fifty got thrown back at me. so i only

have acces to ten bucks, the hundred dollar bill i have is legitimately false and i hafta get on another fucking bus...

i still felt balls, so i stayed in chiclayo for the day. which was alright but i wasnt feelin it too much. i read in the

guide book about these saddlebags you could buy here. but i didnt end up findin em. this happened while i tryed to order

chinese food though

good rainman moment

you can never have too many bird reference photos. mostly the birds were sissies.

but there were some bad ass ones kickin in there.

james´ is bafing out his butt right now about all these market photos.

this dude had hella cool junk

i got a great room for the day. in a hostal that lonely planet describes as a total hellhole. but it was amazing, i got a

great room with a view and a desk.

yeah so i decided i wasn´t really "feeling it" and settled down in my room for some r n´ r

i finished inking this tryptic ive been workin on. click the images for the big versions.

they{re actually sitting in the wrong order here, they´re supposed to go: the sewing hand; then the bird; then the held out

hand. and the side panels are called wreck less and hope less.

wreck less

hope less

i took this photo just to show how sweet tiny bananas are but i think its actually a kickass photo.

as the aussie playing jenga earlier pointed out, i draw lots of hands, and i draw lots of birds, but i never draw the bird

hand thing. so i took some drawing ref´s.

bus stations are the same everywhere, from chiclayo to chicago

i was pretty much dying for something to eat, and it was NOT happening all morning....

and the bus got pretty fulla bodies

but then i got thrown a life preserver! some o.j.

and watermelon!

so i finally got to guayaquil, took a shower, started out to find an actual meal cause i hadnt actually eaten a proper meal

in two and a half days, that fruit in that photo was the extent of it. and on my way, i met some dude skating and hes all

"im gonna go destroy the streets!!!" so im like "bro, lets do this shit!!!" and we were off. after watching some of the

element video, we went and shredded!

my first time in guayaquil i saw this from the taxi but didnt have time to stop, this time it was the first place we went.

this is washington by the way, he was fucking rad and showed me around and killed it.

gnar lip

i know what youre thinkin and yes, i did ollie over the tire to grind down it, backside.

so then some dudes said we could go skate the still-under-construction-park. we just had to throw the security bro a buck or

two and we pretty much had free reign.

the usual blunders...

then we were out

washington had a sick DIY SK8 setup.

everyone was going apeshit about soccer tonight

so since i hadn´t actually eaten in three full days at this point, i just picked up my books and skated straight to the

fanciest restaurant i could find looking like a gigantic scumbag

even the bathrooms were posh, so i tried to capitalise, but to no avail. i just peed sitting down, and blew my nose

then to add to my being the most haggard dude to ever eat at that fine establishment, i started bleeding

i guess its sunday again so people are going off about jesus or whatever

and check that out, im still alive and kickin!

yeah bram´s unibrow!