Monday, December 04, 2006

"then it happened

she cut her hair and i stopped lovin` `er"

back in the beautifull city of quito

i do truly love the city, laden in angst. i`m comforted by its hectic pace. the walls all tell stories

and the markets are beautifull. well, the fruits are anyways

so... i think that if were gonna pretend that democracy works, when someone`s blowing it THIS hard, we gotta factor in the global polls

went and visited carolina, ate some chocho`s

on sundays parque la carolina is GOING OFF. so you gotta watch out in the snake run so you dont decapitate a child

i just took a couple laps cause i was alone, and no ones wants to skate big trannies alone for too long. but i found a sweet popsicle with black dolphin candy in it on the way out.

"okupa las calles y destruye"

i`ve ben claimin all over this one...



someone`s christmas present


did i mention that andy and i met back up? we made tacos

and he taught me to play rummy

it`s great to be back in the city so i can have oatmeal again.

went for a walk to carolina with andy for a bite to eat, no shred though on account of the squal`s comin in and all

andy`s last meal in south america

he taught me this awesome game where you fold a paper, draw a head, they draw the body, then you draw the legs, without getting to see what the other drew, so you end up with incredible results.

i`ve been drawing like crazy, and i ran out of paper, so i had to find more paper. i found this hype paper supplier. im pretty picky about my tracing paper, so when they didnt have pads of anything i wanted, the dude took me into the stacks and found some stock i was into. then he cut it down for me. the whole experience left me feeling warm inside.


james was s`pozda show up any minute, so i went to carolina and cleaned it up proper, including cleaning and wiping up five poops.

and he did show up, so we went out for hot dogs and burgers

then made fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches...

went to the old town to buy jeans

great printing press and offset printer in some random shop at the clothing market

typewriter repair shop

jamie absolutely HATES most every vegetarian set lunch ever. but i love `em

this one was alright... even though it had yogurt or somethin on it

they have normal stores here too

we`ve settled on a strictly indian food for dinner diet

new tattoo?


i lied about the indian food thing, we got taco`s one night


"we`re traffic too" or something to that effect

worst vegetarian set lunch yet

indian never dissapoints though

this dog`s voice was like the gates of hell opening up and letting loose its sinister chorus

steven, you`d love the play grounds here, there are graders, excavators, full size airplanes, tanks, everything!

we went bowling! we met up with this canadian dude and an australian dude and had the most juvenile afternoon we could possibly conceive

i`ve always admired jamies bowling style

their shoes were actually really comfortable

and their animations were way sweeter than back home. there was a sweet heavy metal dragon.

they all had bogus names like "andrew" or "kevin", so even though i came in last both games i didnt feel so bad cause at least i had a killer name.

jamie and i have bowled our fair share of games together, but he`s never beaten me, untill today, where he beat me both games

we got some beersss

theres much to be said about a country where you can buy three cans of beer at the supermarket, drink them in the park and the cops just roll by, doubling on a durtbike, and there`s no problem.

we tried to go ice skating but it was no dice

three up

there are a ton of reasons that this photo is art

keeping it strictly low-brow

with a little liquid courage in him, jamie finally busted over the line frontside. i got sorta high, but mostly just fell and smashed up my wrist and hand.

seeing as we were a bit loaded, picking up slides seemed like a gnarly idea

somehow, we ended up staying there for four hours shooting the breeze with the owner and drinking vodka. we were like "yeah we should go now" and he`s all "nah, stick around, you want a drink?"

said godbye to these old friends, one more week at the parque la carolina and they were gonna be later`d so i got new hsu-jeans

goodbye secret money pocket...

stuffed peppers at india


we busted out to the beach

more disastrously beautifull cloud forest...


before the beach, we stopped at santo domingo cause we heard there was a park. we didnt get there till late. so after eating the worst food ever and using the worst interweb ever, and generally hating it, we decided to go watch some tv at the hostal. on the way we say a street fight

we watched zoolander and went to bed

we went on a death march to try to find the park on foot, but abandoned ship after a while for jamie`s more clever "lets get a cab" trick. jamie`s trick worked pretty good considering the park was clear across town in the opposite direction we were walking.

we film blogged a cool little circus

we found the park, but it ws raining

click this for a the full sized version

all those seams you see in the photos are huge, at least an inch wide. they didnt end up feeling that bad though.

i went and got food while we waited for it to dry out a bit.

the fruit was great, the bread was poison

we kicked water around for an hour or so and it was finally shreddable. it was gnarly, so we didnt have much to shoot, but roll-ins are always kickaxe. scope jamies blog for the cross reference.

remember when baiker was baiker boohtleg?

then we were really off to the beach


when we got to canoa, it was some kinda big deal down there, cause shit was fully going off. the party train was in effect

i missed the blog opportunity cause my battery was dead. but there was an insane parade this morning, hella, hella teens were in effect.. it was wild.

we were taking it way too easy, goin to bed at like nine thirty, so i woke up at like five a.m. and couldnt sleep so i went for a walk.

this bird was following me

there wasn`t much at the end of the beach, just some rocks that looked like brains

with the exception of two meals in five days, we ate at one restaurant exclusively. they have a dog that looked like that bro from the never ending story.

he had fleas

drinkin and snackin on the beach

i put the final touches on my drawing `zine that`ll be out sooner than later. here`s a sneak preview.

this bike was pretty critical. fuck pedals

we messed up and the restaurant we like was closed. so we had to find a different restaurant. i had "arroz de vegetales" which i guess translates to "dill pickle flavoured fried rice"

james always refuses to double knot his laces, which is totally stupid when you wear classics. i finally talked him into it after having to stop every hundred yards for him to tie `em. but he doesn`t quite "get it" yet so he sometimes has to deal with the knots

v is for victory

back to the city with us