Wednesday, December 20, 2006

"why don't we all go for a soda.

its better than slander, its better than lies"

back home, and missin my camera. if anyone wants to lend me a digital camera for a few months, i'd be psyched. but for now, i've got some images to share that are non digi-photo-based.

a couple images from down south i'm into:

anti-bullfighting protest poster

i found these seprately in iquitos, peru.

-marcie comin' home!
-sushi being a part of my life again
-gettin' a fixie on ol' blackie
-wooden ramps
-slash's to fakie on said ramps
-developin film in a halfway prompt manner
-the neuf!
-cyndi (lauper that is)
-public enemy
-this zine i got this mornin. it rules when people send 'zines instead of letters that say "heres a dollar, gimme a zine". pink crack was the hypest part of my day. its pretty much paintings, drawings and SHREDDING. thats my kinda 'zine

here are some 'roids from the night i left, a quarter of a year ago.

the strangler


the neuf

-consequential livin'
-razor burn
-when you crack open an avacado and it tastes like the colour brown
-the grapevine
-dealin' with brakes in the winter

here are a few drawings i did on my trip that im psyched on

wreck 4 premiers on december 28th!
7pm at the park theater, five bucks

to anyone who i might've touched in a manner that made them feel uncomfortable on saturday night. i'm sorry, i'm a toucher, its just who i am.