Sunday, April 15, 2007

freedom's not givin, so i'm takin.

went to selkirk and hung out with the fam'. the flood is in efect.

flooding is a spectator event, so all the trash cans were full of canadiana.

i seen a hawk

steve and his bro chase

for toad

bang bang

bike repair party with art school jeanette

wine and cheese...

...and hockey

meg's birthday masquerade. the mansion boys were looking good

muke larvin had a good Liberace vigilante costume on.

strangler's was by far the best mask in attendance, i especially like that the mask just laces onto his glasses to hold it on.

jac and budyk

double d's showed up too

the birthday girl


jason evaristo in his canadian tuxedo.


marky b's coped trucks

i only shot one frame of skateboarding at the park, i think i chose the right one. vandal crushing.