Tuesday, April 03, 2007

were screaming at the tops of our lungs...

...sitting in empty rooms

What a better way to start things off than with a couple good bros, Jimbo and The Freeze

pretty happy with how this thing's comin' along.

her days are numbered

hers, not so much. James, Andy and I went shredding

top ten people who i know who have biked all the way to mexico. Andy Blum!!

everyone was shredding

i almost ordered monday madness but then i realised that people might be dissapointed if on my first day back on the blog i didn't cook myself some tacos.

a little lime goes a long way

Twin Peaks time

Lil Stee brought by THUG 2


The Strangler

back at the park

Barf and The Messiest Teen

Jimbo and technology. you can never have too many death lenses

mysterious L

lil Stee came over again cause i blew it and missed the bus

the wet sucks, but at least it's hopefull

found my missing bolo tie this morning

Drex hooked me up with this ill piece.

theres something satisfying as a skateboarder to flip your pants inside out and hava bunch of blood stains in the insides oof your shins.

made some tailor-moves thanks to Laura

tweaking teens, southward bound

to cousins for some drinks

Mikey B



Luke Marin

this is where my life starts getting awesome. P-Dog came into town and hooked me up with a ride to Kenora to finish my shirts.

P-Dog in town means one thing for certain, Red Lobster.

P-Ddog was super choked cause his fillet was so obviously half the size of Jimbo's

my fillet was a freedom fry

"it's funny cause he's looking at the camera" Jimbo asures me.

P-Dog bought some rope legitimately

then he bought some rope from a hustler "hey man, any of you guys climb??? i could hook you up!"


look at that bear

this axe is the best tool for robbing a Mac's "give me all the fucking loto tickets and a carton of DuMaurier regs!"

for Brett Wasted

"Hey Bram, hurry it up"

ummm.... i'm in a vision streetwear ad, can't wait to see the cheque from that job.

the mall's fucked

air hockey is awesome

off to Kenora in P-Dog's hummer


the contents of Drex's pockets

Drex's bourgeois-ass bread

we got straight down to business printing my tees

Drex Cribs,
the healthy obsession


the view

the studio

the kenora park is kickass. scope this webcam of the park. i wish we had one of those at the forks.

these are great

i think i "get it"

we started embroidering the shirts

Drex is pretty excited about his sailor moon drawing skills...

we were pretty much ready to roost by then, went to Haps to dance

Wesley bro!

Carmin bro!

did i mention that Drex, Satu and I all looked sweet as hell in our new wreck tees.?

Drex is on some next-level breakfast shit

he vectored some of my drawings for zine covers and did the colour separations for me.

T.Q. set up some incredible pot pie

P-Dog shredding


this is what every kid in Kenora's room looks like.

Haggar seemed like a rad dude

Drex certainly digs him

this game is pretty scary

fully finished the shirts

and got right to work on the covers for wreck zine issues thirteen and fourteen.

drex's incidental art

i've been hearing alot about this Michael Jackson game for Sega and i finally got to play it

Chapeski and I put in a concerted effort to beat the third level but we eventually gave up. then the bazooka came out.

"hold it like a gangsta"

if you're in Kenora and need some shirts made, give T.Q. a call.

Jimbo, this one's for you

did these on Drex a few weeks ago

my sketchbook


and that's it for my Kenoran vacation, back on the bus

bus toilets are scary

this is sitting on our stairs right now.


pretzel privates


so check it out, this is where i get all businessman on you. now i've got all these shirts kickin around that i wanna sell. they're black ink on white american appareil tees. i have a few larges, lots of medium and small and a couple ladies smalls for extra petite ladies or small infants. they cost 20 bucks and you can get 'em from me personally. i'm always home. or if you live outta province i can mail one to you, but it'll cost $5 extra for postage and my trouble, y'know?. contact me at bram_adey@hotmail.com or 204-801-0438. i think i can even accept paypal payments if you hook me up with your email adress.

i designed the shirts keeping in mind what I would personally want to wear. no bullshit, just good solid imagery. there's a little inverted cross embroidered really small on the left bottom of the shirt, if you're bummed on embroidery cause it chafes, don't worry, it's tiny and you'll never notice it.