Monday, June 11, 2007

i really do understand, bye-bye

le teegs and my kubota f3060

"this isn't the bleedin' splish-splash show!"

this is our possee

craig "what do you expect? i'm high!" dueck


may 25th it snowed.


the frozen one


just like in every other country in the world.

two dads has been workin on landin this one for a while.

jimbo's been making this one look like a thousand bucks for eons. to fakie, no pusher to the gap. "front on us this year consider yourself blown outta here!"

blew my sheer pin

martin came down and hooked it up.

dinosaur jr. thats two old man shows in a row. the times, they are a changin...

lazo and i got together and he made some awesome happen. thanks bro.

love these little bros

dandelion central

best thing about the skatepark, it's proximity to taste of sri lanka

friday morning breakfast with SCM

Woo's in south osborne is pretty ghetto. you get your $2.49's worth...

all partied out.

jimbo guest blog

barf guest blog.

good ones guys

uh oh!

wreck spot!

i wonder if they know where any good pools are?

barrelin' down the highway.

some ducks.

so i got invited to some stupid thing...

this dude was tight.

this lady, not so much... i'm not into irrelevant, monarchic bullshit to be perfectly honest...

some enders:

professor shitcunt

the phantom.