Wednesday, June 27, 2007

i can't believe i got so far with a head so empty



i saw this shit go down.

lil' stee wasnt too into the childrens festival, but he was pretty psyched to show us the eraosion damage down by the VIA station.

"that's your problem right there"



margarine and molases on toast is incredible.

the ever astounding barf

the new gallery at the mondragon is really nice.

dash has a blog these days, it's tight.

i dont know who shot these two, jimbo maybe

i'm also assuming that jimbo shot this tyspace cribs

barf pile number one

barf pile number two

tyler only likes three things: skateboarding,

naked women, and george clooney

but mostly just skateboarding

good guest blog jimbo

we went to the flea market but i totally fucked up and didnt blog anything except locking our bikes up.

that new joint Fresh is pretty tight if you're a millionaire

two dads got all partied out so we played drunk jenga on him.

weekend at bernies status

some civil servants are blowing it for the rest of us,. this dude is sleeping in the truck, door open, middle of the day.


tyspace got loco

hoping the fence out tyspace seriously concussed himself

"why aren't you blogging me right now?" he was heard to query.