Thursday, July 05, 2007

Please find a place for us

I'm gonna have an installation of drawings/sculpture/photography at the graffiti gallery two weeks from today.

the graffiti gallery's nine year anniversary show featuring a bunch of folks.

thursday july 19th
8pm - 12am
109 higgins ave.

please bring a non-perishable food donation

shred central


"fuck shoes"

i got a bad feeling about this one.

wreck posse went on a trip to kenora. so this is the point in the blog where all real life ends and strictly shred happens, so if you dont care about skateboarding you'll just wanna skip this part.

wreck setup: blue sk8 board, indy's, china reds and 53's

tyspace's brutal cat

our custom ipod mount

i passed out and got made fun of

so i bear clawed tyspaces board

my first trick of the weekend, no comply disaster slide up.

two dads, back smith

two dads, flip back lip

schenider and the neuf were in effect

two dads, dummy

colin lambro, back lip

lambro, backlip fakie

tyler gaucher, backside grind

gaucher, back sal fakie

E-Dawg got a kill clip

tyspace felt like stepin up to get his rep up

this is why this trick is so gnarly

he earned himself a sponsorship deal with cooper


uhhhh.... sure.

he's leaning like that because it's kinked AND curved.

da neuf

so after all that, we finally got to eat. if you're in kenora, Hap's is a safe bet.

double kinkers'll do that.

the serduletz brothers

day two started out something like this

some team photos



red dragons

i was right

"i'm so psyched i got a clip in my ketchup and mustard combo."

this block-to-drop was pretty big, a little over a gurngler high.

russel gnawing on double d's leftovers

so some people aren't that crazy about having us skate a funeral home.


gurngler: aren't they already dead?

either way, lambro walked away looking like the living dead.

here are some fresh facebook flicks for you e-dawg


theres a dope taqueria in k-town now. they set drex and i up with some ill vegan shit.

sorry there are so many ollie photos on here, i'm just tryin to not spoil the tricks for WRECK V

some wounds
gurngler's knee

my gangrenous limb.

i'm not one to say something is too skinny to ride along before a pretty big gap, but this IS.

the barfy one

Dwrecks set up this board over the course of four spots i think. it probably took a grand total of about two hours to grip and set up this deck.

for lil' stee

jailbait getting WRECK/wrecked

a gurngler and a half

over the block. Colin's ollies are like a well written sentence, with a capital up front and a period at the end.

gurngler wasn't looking any better this day.

jailbait's busted paw

jimbo, flip in

pull out

jailbait, cork three

we had to rig this spot up with a shoelace

lambro: the way of the road bubs.

russel: you should have him taking his last poop!

never one to shy away from danger, "Masters Division Serdulets" reeled in a last minute MVP award.

these people know how to party


two dads

not vegan


adios kenora

i know how to party