Monday, August 27, 2007


relentlessly craving

not quite a spot


bang's fake i.d.

devon getting hammer-time

double d's

bringing sexy back.

so if you see this bike around... lemme know.

the scrap bike

this is one of my favourite downtown spots.

heavy duty breakfast

strangler sabotaged my paniers for james and i's trip to the whiteshell


bumped into j'fridge and her madgesty, free campspot, holla!

madge guest blog starting here:

thanks meg. scope meg's blog at

one match, no paper!

prowler moment

back home again.

barf guest blog starts here:

thanks barf.
look, a wound!

coming soon, new bike blog!

all around the truck bed

i had to bid farewell to this little guy.

tyspace, the athlete

tyspace, the greasy fifties loan shark

jimbo and megadeth guest blog:

thanks folks

papusas at the dragon are on point.

atop the martha street studio. i dropped my glasses off this ledge i was sitting on and i had to scale this sheer wall to get them.

this was my only handhold

friday morning breakfast with SCM