Thursday, September 20, 2007

we live free, we never bleed

i built a new bike

this bike used to be a really nice candy apple red, but when i got it it looked like candyapple barf

i made a headbadge out of copper, which was one of the funner parts of building this bike.

the acid vat

all etched up

the finished product

victoria beach demo

jimbo double barrelin'

this shit is FUN


jumping off things into water is tight

mortal kombat moment

later on this night the guy riding this windsurfing board was heard to exclaim "this is fucking bullshit, i just wanna go KITEBOARDING#!!?!"

gauthier, can't remember, gap feeble maybe?


these ladies sang the logdrivers waltz

my favourite photos i've ever shot

bodies everywhere

good luck rinsing the stink off...

gurngler ordered "pancakes with a bunch of scrambled eggs on them"

pre-teens say no to man-g

had another weekend of tramping around on my bike

so my mom isn't gonna let some novelty sized key ring stop her from stealing the washroom key from wherever.

the selkirk contest

holler at rosie for puttin it on.

d-lang got his nollie noseblunt on pretty quick and won himself a nice little garment

i was all psyched to get some water from this well, but then the water had spiders in it

blown out swallow

the 'space loves to get blogged/wrecked

rode bikes out to clearwater for YAR

my new favourite spot

we went camping

pressing tofu

my grandpa

another quick bike project


wreck minneapolis trip!

brett wasted, you're psyched


i love mexican food more than most stuff

this spot's incredible

tyspace is in there somewhere

the library downtown is a neat building


let me just state for the record, that this was a poor decision.

but i got tyspace the steak i owed him.

fall is here everyone!!!! holla!