Saturday, May 29, 2010

Catch up.

May 29th 2010

I haven't actively blogged since becoming a parent / tattooist, I'm really excited to share the beauty of this new life with you all. This post is a twenty seven photo catch-up on some highlights of the last year and a half of my life.

Steven riding a cart down a hill.

Dan Neufeld took me out hiking last summer, i found it very challenging and uplifting.

Hands by candle light, far from the city's sight, dim reflections shine vividly bright.

Frame one, montana two thousand and nine.

I found this roll of black and white film from my trip to Montana and it was so nice to see it. I love these photos of justin, we woke up next to a little creek and were having a very nice time.

Mark Berndt living casually, cautiously crushing.

The mornings were like unthawing and living a new life each day in a new place.

Alright, skateboarding.

I have often in the past, and still currently hold photos of tricks like jewels and never let the light shine through them, but i'm gonna stop doing that so much.

Bill Acheson, Fakie Back Tail
Air Canada, Portage ave
Winnipeg, 2009

On June twelveth, I am getting married to this beautifull woman.

After the camping, skating, and engaging, We had a baby named Avery Bramwell Adey Van Solkema.

We made him, and he makes snot bubbles.

It's a beast!

Kristen, Cliff and Dexter picnicing in our kitchen in the winter.

In December, I met Iko, and now we are great friends. Iko owns and tattoos at Corner Tattoo on Portage avenue. When we met, he told me that if I wanted to come and try to tattoo, that I had a place to do it. With his guidance I have been learning the humbling craft of tattooing. We Skate and Create.

This is one of my favorite pieces i've done lately, red pine in black and grey.

Absolutely shameless promotion.

Watching Brothers jam and play recently has been amazing. At their last show they played incredibly, the music was fast and surprising, precise. Bury This Wound held the room liken an auditory algarythm.


Devo is having a solo show soon at the Edge gallery on main. Keep posted for more info.

The photos of devo were shot at John Starr's show at War On Music. The photos he was showing were rad, diverse and interesting.

Will Belford, I shot this photo of his real life.

I don't mean to be sad or anything, but I just want to say something about the oil spill that is occuring in the gulf of Mexico right now. We need to take power away from companies as soon as possible. We need dialogue much deeper than who is to blame. This thing hasn't occured, it is occuring. How weak are our governments that they cannot demand better, what if the strength is never found?

Spirit Park, Young st.
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Thanks for checking out my blog. Look how hype life's lookin'!