Saturday, September 26, 2015

An old fashioned post - Sept 2015

Welcome to the Wreck blog.  I get a lot of requests from people to put more content up, so I'm going to treat this one the way i used to blog when i was young and eager. 

I've been spending lots of time playing guitar and learning folk tunes lately.  Ask me to play you a song.  I probably will. 

There's a lot of lego in my house right now.  Sammy built this boat.  3 years old.

In the summer I like to get out to the Brokenhead river as often as will allow.  I spent a good amount of time over there when I was younger, so it's great to be there now with my own kids.

I feel like there are less snakes than when I was a kid, But the big 'ol snapper is still there.  I took a paddle around that rock late and saw it from maybe five feet away.  It scared me plenty.  When I was younger my dad caught a good sized snapper right there in that river. 

These days I work half the week and the other half i do not.  So you'll see the blog ocelate between the two worlds.  Dontcha love tatttoos?

I was pretty happy with this one.  I look forward to seeing it healed.  It was their first. 

A healed one from a year ago or so. 

Avery drew these up.  Pretty Awesome. 

And Shally got more kimchi on the go.

Ave's full tree climbing size by now.  

We're house hunting in the west end right now, Wiiierd.

Back to work.

One new,

One old.

Out and about...

I got to do one of these.  In colour.  If anyone would like a black and grey one, hit me up!  Rebel Waltz - 832 6733.

Someone recently looked at some old posts of mine, then, in person was like "oooh, all the food photos..."  And I'm like "''Jus' try 'n fade me."

The Gates is a neighborhood in my part of the city where the river creates an isolated two blocks quare sort of neighborhood.  The houses are a mix of nice large bungalows, two story houses and mansions of various magnitudes.  Our neighborhood library is just within the gates and is one of the Carnegie libraries, and just celebrated it's centennial anniversary.  It is gorgeous. 

There are actually gates. 

On the way home from the library Avery scarred Sammy by hiding behind a mailbox.  I thought i would get a photo... 

It scarred the heck out of Sammy and made him cry.  It's worth looking at this one large.  I felt bad getting the photo, but I took it. 

That summer veg though...

Just cute...



Avery's been going to Art City a lot lately, So Sammy and I get a good amount of time to truck around together.  Maybe kinda a bit of younger sibling karma.  Since they never got to be an only kid.

Sooo... I mentioned lego...  I've been building with it a bunch lately.  I made this play mat for the kids. 

Fancied it up a bit.

I've really been having fun playing with the Lego lately... The books that they have put out of non-franchised ideas are awesome.  A lot of the techniques you see in the books aren't represented in the Lego Group sets. 

 Fun little one buddied up to one by Steve.

This one worked out pretty good. 


I was really hyped to see this ad.  Chris miller is an inspiration for sure.  He Rips.

Sam blog:

Fun to get to throw in a bit of differing perspective.

At the Tattoo parlour I work at,  you can get a design from a gumball machine.  This woman got a little mousey.  The gumball machine is really fun, I only tattoo them occasionally, but always enjoy doing it and participating by putting in designs.  It's fun because you can put in things you'd like to see that people wouldn't necessarily bring to you.

Bring me all your mandalas.

Always happy to do these.

La p'tit prince. 

Dinner success. 

Thanks for looking.  If you'd like to be tattooed by me:  my schedule is closed for September and probably November so come down for a Walk-in any Friday if you need to slake your thirst in the meanwhile.