Monday, January 18, 2016

January 2016

Welcome back to the wreck blog.

It's been a good long while (as usual) so here's a slew of 'em for ya.

There will be cute photos, cool photos, nerdy photos, tattoo photos, all 'em photos.  So hit play and enjoy.


At the shop we have a gumball machine where you can get what you get for $80.00.  I usually don't get to do them, but I was really happy to do this one.  She requested that I shade it "realistically", and I laughed out loud.

Avery put on a play a little while ago, here's Shally making tickets for the show. 

Some of my fave's crushing a wall.
This picture doesn't do it justice, but there was a bike jam that night and hella people were out on low riders, not to mention tall-bikes.
Thanks Doyle for havin' me do this one.
Art attack!
I'd been wanting to do something like this for a while.  This upper arm is all made by me.

From a recent flash sheet.
Along the assiniboine.  This is the only photo i took, but all allong the bank for a full kilometer someone had built a bunch of walls of wood like this it was really cool.
Patches, coming soon!
'Nuff said.

Shally and I bought a house together...  A "fixer upper" 1909, AKA get out your respirator.

It's been fun enjoying my new commute through the West end, there are lots of cool things to see.

This house down the block from the shop burned out, and I was glad to hear that no one was there at the time.  It's scary to see a house burn.  A couple months ago, there was an arson on this block where there were eight people home, they were all safe in the end.

A Healed one...
...and some fresh ones.
Please come to me for some Mediterranean stars. 
Mack and I have been waitin' a while to make this one happen.
Funny deer head all healed up.
The hivernal equinox came and went.  It always feels good to get to the other side of these short days.
Ask me how much i enjoyed this one...
Not to mention this one...   Tyrone's got a bunch of cool ones from the Rebel's Waltz and beyond.

It was impossible for me to get a shot that did this murder justice, the sky was full.
Well over a year old...

I made this speeder based on the ones they use on Endor, as I placed the last piece I noticed that it is my first model that came out Studs Not on Top.

I've been workin on this one steady for three weeks now, I'm really happy with it.  I've wanted to build this for twenty years by now.
I got a couple sheets of Geometric designs up this week.  They're meant to be examples of the type of largescale blackwork geometric stuff I feel confident tattooing.  Here's an example of one in progress, Unhealed.

Thanks for lookin,