Monday, February 12, 2007

"bram, bram ingrahn riding the tram"

barf fixed jamie's camera for him, so i stole it to blog my life with steve.

getting barf and steven together is clutch

budick moved in, adios luke marvin

the airplane


my mom had this table sitting in pieces in our garage for years and always said she was gonna refinish it. i always though she was nuts because it was so haggard and painted trife yellow. she was obviously right.

i often dont get to fully appreciate how hype winter is caue im too busy freezzing my bag off. but when youre zipping around in a heated automobile, its pretty damned beautifull.

two zero four skateshop rented the edge and let me in. gang-bang was there demo'ing the spine as usual. tailbone up an over

frontside to fakie

kids fashion is usually pretty tweaking, but lately its been getting alot better, there was alot of plad in the area.

art shit

rosie is a very, very good skateboarder.

budick cribs!

a crustaceous poo

the jimbler


the wieve showed up!! got himself a copy of wreck 4!

someone left me a cool-ass message. wife material? i think so


up before the sun

you know those handrails that are like... DOUBLE handrails.


this is me being sneaky

two zero four is printing wreck tees! they will be plain black on white, with the bird on the front and the text on the back.

here are a couple new drawings.

cremo the magnificent

a majestic falcon


i've got some stuff in this show comin up in a week and a half. click the photo for the full-sized poster.