Sunday, February 18, 2007

parents have all pee'd their pants more than their kids.

train club!

they've come a long way in the scenery department since the last time i was here.

the layout is in the selkirk journal building and has some rad journal/printshopy kinda stuff kickin around.

i did this drawing for kristen, the messy one.

i also finished this portrait of two dads.

sushi and lego with Lil' Stee

the coldest hour

lego with breakfast again

edward fox, the sly one.

drawing ref's

so steve does this thing where whenever he has to take a shower, go to school, get dressed, clean up, take a pill, put on socks, or anything else at all really, he just drops to the ground and grabs my feet and makes me drag him around the house. he absolutely refuses to let go. this ineviteably always ends up with me accidentally kicking him in the teeth and making his mouth bleed.

there's a pissdrunx logo etched on my moms door. thats notable.

guess what day it is!

you betcha, valentines!

so that means more lego!

using real lime and not lime juice from a bottle means the difference between good guac and great guac.

got a fresh chain on my whip

Lil' Stee and i painted his room today.

infectious linguistics,
sorry i dont understand about video being landscape only...

it's a gun

my dream girl phoned again! shalynn maybe?

'cause his room is all painty, steve's campin out in a fort in the living room tonight.