Thursday, May 25, 2006

its not what you say,

it's what you don't let them say.

tuesday may 23rd 2006



poached, bf/gf

i went for dinner with my mom, aunt and sister at massawa

penny, sorry i didnt blog you better. we were sitting on the same side, so it was hard

then we went to the ledge...

and they wanted to scope the bears, so i said i would shoot it if we could blog all the aurora-"bear"ealis'

the riverbanks are still insanely flooded

holdin it down

wednesday may 24th 2006

the city blew it and didn't tell me that they were spraying pembina with pesticides today, so i accidentaly huffed whatever was in this thing until i noticed him a few blocks up... coordinate fools!

scott's got a throat infection and he's goin to NYC, so hes gonzo for a week and a half... later'd

dins with this bro
if you dont know about la fiesta on sherbrook, now you know. best/only good burrito in town.

alright time for a public service anouncement

i dont think that skateboarding should be legal. and if a business wants to kick us off their property thats alright with me, i can move on. if police want to kick us out of spots where we're destroying stuff, thats alright (it just shows the state of fear and willfull ignorance in which the majority of people choose to live. but when people start getting thrown against walls and ticketed for skating to the store in their own neighborhoods, something's gone horribly arye.

this law only serves to protect the interests of business. the police are only enforcing the neoliberal idea that the state's duty is to eliminate all barriers to profit making.

practically speaking, enforcing this law only ignites flames of hatred and distrust in young people by criminalizing a completely innocecnt activity.

if you get a ticket, hold onto it, DO NOT PAY IT, show up to court on the day that it says and plead not guilty. chances are it will get thrown out. if it doesn't, tell the judge you can't afford to pay it and you would like to do community service. this way, it costs the state way more money and effort to ban skateboarding than to let it slide. (consolidated came up with this idea years ago when they used to run alot of political ads. it's nice to see them doing that again. also scope their regular site, colin's on it!

do not resist the officer, they are filthy erogant pricks, i know, but just let it slide, mouthing off will only get your board taken away or worse. take the ticket and do the afforementioned. or just ignore me and do nothing and be disconted... but we can take control of this thing without paying any money or respect to the powers that would have us live in fear.

a couple got missed, but with any luck, they'll get taken care of.

this all might be happening to whip us into shape so that when the park gets here we're gratefull for a safety haven.

the park looks ill but i also see it ushering in dark days for street skating downtown... keep your fingers crossed,

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