Wednesday, May 24, 2006

wreckuidiom for a dream tour 2006!

so tyler orchestrated a trip consisting of the wreck and idiom posse's entitled "wreckuidiom for a dream". the plan was to drive out to minneapolis for the long weekend to shred and hook up some footy for our respective video projects. he also worked out for us to pick up and drop off vans for his dads business landing us with gas and hotel paid for and a little extra in our pockets at the end of the day. free trip on a long weekend??? gnarly!!!
i can't believe you pulled it off ty!

friday may 19th 2006

who doesn't like photos of gear???

the posse:
patrick "hat trick" "two dads" lychfield-med

craig "cremo" "creme de la cremo" dueck and evan "evan" sinclair

jake "corked three" kuzyk

tyler "dirty gurngler" geurts

james "the freeze" friesen

bram "aparently tyler doesnt really respect me much" adey

shred central

skateboarders love ipods... thats whats up...

fuck the back seat, idiom crew were all sitting up front. leaving a completely empty bench seat and bed in the back. maximum bro points.

our hotel room had one bed, we had seven bodies, fourteen feet, fourteen armpits

first morning, van's later'd

pushed her to the shoppe

then went shredding

there were berzerker bank spots everywhere
tyborg wallie

two dads went ballistic on this kinker

all of a sudden we were in little brittain


wussup tranny???

if you drive a hummer you should be shot... the penis

chipotle for dins

we went to first avenue to see mogwai and a lady in front of us in line hooked me up with a free ticket. much respek!

i thought the opening band was pretty balls

mogwai was ill. but there were way too many lazerbeams assaulting my face at all times and the stage is way too fucking high in that joint. i heard that prince runs that place though, so i wont talk too much shit.

waynes world two was on

the van got fixed

tour breakfast...

jake barged this spot despite getting the boot

we almost forgot the sign there, but two dads stepped up and got it back.

much to ty, cremo and two dads chagrin, i forced them to stop at this ill taco joint

insane amounts of drank got consumed

ran into some familiars

shin report:





two dads


why do i look like i got in a fist fight with 79 feril weasels???

by the end i had mad people on the burrito program

POTM??? nope, legit attempt.

i love a well kempt lawn... so lush...

fobia's later'd

"dude, blog these burnouts!!!"
-hat trick

things were feelin severe like if i didnt get to a bathroom soon, something bad was gonna happen

"dude, i'd be psyched if i lived in there and it was burnin down!!! except of course when you get to the bottom of the wacky shak spiral staircase and have to jump two stories down."

me and ty gettin ill dubs

we tried to go swimming, but there were turds...

boys will be boys...

in lieu of the scent and moisture in the room, we slept in the van

after three nights and no cleaning services because bro's didnt want anyone fucking with their ipods... the room was pretty trite. the only way i can describe the smell is if you were to create a scent to represent pure, blind hatred, it would end up smelling something like that.

the carpet was damp with mens perspiration and the walls were dripping with condensation... absolutely unbearable... after only three nights.

i couldn't even shoot film in there because my lenses would just fog up instantly, it was worse than when i was trying to shoot in the rain forest. honestly.

yet there still seemed to be an air of innocence about the whole thing...

back to taco villa for lunch...

...while those bros ate the worst looking most ghetto buffet i've ever witnessed, all because ty remembered there was a hot waitress last time

kristian svitak was there! hey tyty, when did you get such ill style???

border dulldroms...

meera, here's another, we've got lots to share

back home to one of my fav's!