Friday, May 12, 2006

this place is full of fond memories

and i should like to see it burn

tuesday may 9th 2006

the birds are loving the job i did on pembina, no problem lil' bro's.

someone decided they were over being an art fag, maybe now their shoes have round toes... you know... round, like the end of your foot...

the squal was comin in... i visited this bro. thanks!

"flim winnipeg, winter wonderland"

not in may... "we'll just throw down some felt blankets"

my new favourite tagger

reiley sent me some ill shit

pat lazo!

james moved in, and its his first time buying shampoo.

i stuffed this hot paw into this pipe, cause it was spewing turds all over the place

on a scale of one to art, this ranks pretty high

wednesday may 10th 2006

double breakfast day

a.v.e.'s comin correct with his first pro model, no synthetic options though... laterd


i got a new setup by mark at soul survivor

thursday may 11th 2006

james' lunch vs. bram's lunch


meach and 'leila showed up

meach's new cameroun kinda kills mine... look how insane it is!

james' ladie showed up, meach and 'leila were around, then even more ladies showed up!

our ratio's were insane

this is whats up with new kicks

steve showed up with his insanely preggers babysitter

jimbo, you're about to lose your mind at what steve painted

when i saw he had insane skills i asked him to do a piece on the ramp

its a crane

when i went to go to bed, that sneaky young lady i know left me an insane surprise

friday may 12th 2006

two of my favourites sent me some awesome today

scott made art happen