Wednesday, May 24, 2006

the quick brown fox jumps lazily over a dog

wednesday may 17th 2006

my first year mowing lawns i demo'd my brand new tractor by cranking this thing, i caused thousands of dollars of damage my first was the only time my tractor has ever been out of comission.

skate spot found...

skate spot bear'd

art junk

thursday may 18th 2006

my job sometimes feels a little trivial...

i almost did it again!

remember when sals was a spot, then it wasn't anymore??? well it is again!

still there

electronics amateur hour


luke phoned me from the interweb...

friday may 19th 2006

rad dad

scott mclaren is ill


matt colpitts!

mitch got his ears pierced then jumped ship to see mase get married. congrats mason. who'd a thunk it???