Saturday, April 01, 2006

christ another day...

i cant say i'm too happy about what i see around me, and there isn't much in this world that particularily interests me, but i think i'll get out of bed anyways...

went for a little skate down corydon, skated the sugar mountain bench with russel and co. cindy strolled by with some cute lil' bro.

our jackets were being pretty bro

russel drinking fresca with a straw... drinking fizzy ass non-fountain pop with a straw is illegal. russel parrtakes in alot of very illegal behaviour, but i excuse it cause he's so damned handsome on a skateboard.

i think this blog should probably be renamed "shit that's goin on on corydon recently"

kent stopped by, epic as hell
kent smart, you kick ass, ill have that drawing in a week or so, ride me about it or i'll loaf steady

bike ride!!!

this was a radical breakfast

im not gonna be hangin out with steve as much when my new jorb starts, and it bums me out, but hopefully i can make it out to the 'kirk a bit more this summer than last.

this one's new to me... toilet paper tube??? ghetto

corydon hardware kicks ass, i went there for a radical reason, more on that next time

sk8 got bag of suck in, the packaging kicks ass, and if you havent seen it yet, get on it, its fucking berzerker.


when i got home, i got a mysterious phone call followed by a suspisciously endorsed package...

sounds radical, red bull's got promo money by the bucketfull, so i was excited to see what they had in mind. that shit tastes like hell, and will most likely give you leukemia, but if theyre gonna allow me to shred on a hella wet spring night, i'm psyched....

security showed up, but i guess a pocketfull of someone else's money took care of that... so we got to shred the rails on redbulls dime... it was pretty bro.

nick got especially epic

hella ladders

steve again!!! we went to a spring break camp thing, it was rad central, first on the agenda, scavenger hunt.

our loot

this bro knows whats up

musical chairs

tie breaker paper-rock-sissors situation
nothing beats rock

freeze tag

fuck all the haters out there, i'm sayin' it loud and clear, melon kicks ass, especially ripe honeydew.


goo, stay tuned for more...

"i dont mind having a bald spot 'cause kevin's my good frind"
steve gave me a lesson in broness after his friend kevin fully smeared goo all up in his mop and i had to cut it out.

meanwhile at the 'ol homefront... quoteables are key

my boards came in so i went to the kirk to pick 'em up

ty came by to hook me up with a ride back to the city, he tried on some epic gear.

ryan nick, epic

we went and shredded the comp, these kids were blowing it and kept moving to the opposite side when we'd go skate with them, haters...

but jordan was being bro as ever

the sun wsa setting and we split

three goals in one minute???? cool

tyborg eating some bush

jon k. on some hella-mindfreak type shit

colin lambro was in a crummy mood, maybe blogdom will elevate his spirits


shredding downtown


v.j.'s is an institution

james essentially bathed in his burger...

good spot, our own little piece of barcelona, right on broadway