Monday, April 03, 2006

ownership is obscenity

"no man has any right to buy or sell the earth for private gain"

-billy bragg

major broment this morning


the freeze

two dads

jimbo can get ill on anything he wants

trees only know how to do one thing, be trees. city hall isn't giving them the benefit of the doubt though, so they thought they'd throw in some reinforcements...

samuel klassen, did several tricks for fun that would be enders in peoples parts...

i took jamies fresh whip for a roost before...

the older lambro's cover party, congrats colin on getting the cover of SBC this month.

epicly shaven

cory's looking ill lately, not to mention his lovely lady

after party blorgfest

solo broment

the aforementioned whip

a discarded hand sewn quilt. i was having a pretty lame day today, not to get too whimpy but i was generally very annoyed when some ass-butt started flexing on his private property, so i said some regreteable things to him. i had a flat on my own whip, so i had to walk home (jamie walked halfway with me, thanks bro!) then this quilt was looking like it could sympathise...

hate was floating around...

but then under the norwood bridge the get up crew was fuly going off. that cheered me right on up.

ty saw me walkin my bike and he picked me up. jimbo showed me some graff he'd scoped a while ago, its been there since august...

"i'll kick your christ-fucking ass"

i was hella annoyed at this point so i chilled the fuck out at home and finished a drawing i was workin on for kent... someone please teach me how to tattoo...