Sunday, April 23, 2006

till armageddon... shalam, no shalom

wednesday april 19th

mitch hit a guy in the head with his skateboard... they had a pretty good photo of him on file.

look familiar? colin collected it for me!

chelsea was cuttin russel's hairs to look like the bill's.


suicidal cain

this is a pretty acurate representation of how i feel psychologically at work.

thursday april 20th 2006

flatbar report, i got front feebles back. also, i lubed my bearings, no big deal.

luke was laughing his bag off all day, he watched nine episodes of that insane show where people, maybe japanese or korean, do horrible things to their bodies in the name of good humour with insanity dubbed over in english. i joined him for a healthy dose.

this show rules cause i think it was filmed in the mid nineties, and then they dubbed over it last year, cause they make current political jokes in between disturbing sexual inuendoes... it's dated in this sort of ambiguous way...

jimbo's upper-inner thigh report

work lunch scene

the truck was laterd

keith got his ass handed to him by tony at darts, so we all got to go home a half hour early.

luke headed to work as i was heading in from work

then as i was waking up, he came home SANS SHIRT!!!

james was makin' dark moves

friday april 21st 2006

you wanna see some next-level shit, three slices of bread, and about two cups of peanut butter.

two dads is about to blow your mind

sometimes you see dudes who have just given up, and they've just left the house in whatever they woke up in... well this guy decided, "fuck it, i can't be bothered to put on shoes... of course i'm wearin socks i'm not an idiot, but FUCK SHOES." transcona just does it a little better.

in other "people who know how to live good" news... anyone need some wine purchasing advice???

heraldric booze-scene

two dads underwear report, volume three

so... whats up at two dads place???

ballin' outta control

there are at least two insane skate-crimes happening in this photo

kenny reed chiling with a bald eagle, a sweet snake and some upper deck stickers

thats why we call him "pat "two-dads" "hat-trick" lychfield-med"

insanely toebock'd trainers

well... that was pretty rad, then at home, m'lady showed up and we went cruisin around





mike had a couple ill new setups

smiths setup

bill!!! danika!!!

tyler being epicly over this game...

sam vs. nick

then it was 3pm and i was still on city time, so meach and i feasted